In the coming months, I’ll be delving into the Ta’lim Curriculum originally produced by the Institute for Ismaili Studies. I hope to be able to flesh out and contextualise the concepts presented in the Ta’lim Curriculum. That said, I’m not officially associated with the Institute of Ismaili Studies; this is a personal project.


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grade 1

1logoBook 1: Allah the Creator explains the Islamic belief of the Oneness of God.
Book 2: The Wonderful World of Allah consists of three short stories which demonstrate God’s kindness and mercy.
Book 3: Prophet Muhammad, introduces the concepts of divine guidance and prophethood in Islam.
Book 4: The Messenger of Allah presents the story of Prophet Muhammad from the time of his birth to the first revelation of the Quran.
Book 5: Our Imams introduces the concept of Imamat.

2logograde 2

Book 1: Growing and Learning reinforces the understanding as Ismaili Muslims in the context of the wider society around them.
Book 2: A Journey into Our Past explores selected aspects of Ismaili history.
Book 3: Murids of Imam az-Zaman discusses the Ismaili community today.

3logograde 3

Book 1: Prophets of Allah introduces three of God’s messengers – Prophets Noah, Abraham and Moses.
Book 2: Festivals and Celebrations explores some of the events that are celebrated by Ismaili families and communities around the world.
Book 3: Treasures of Islam explores the rich artistic, literary and intellectual heritage of Muslim societies around the world.

4logograde 4

Book 1: Our Early History highlights critical events that took place in Mecca and Medina, and which contributed to shaping the formative period of Islam in Arabia.
Book 2: A Fountain of Stories invites children to explore the rich literary heritage of Muslim societies.
Book 3: This Mysterious Universe seeks to acquaint children with basic ideas related to the intellectual and spiritual aspects of their faith.

5logograde 5

Book 1: Everyday Life in the Fatimid Times transports children to the Mediterranean civilisation of the eleventh century.
Book 2: People Helping People introduces children to the work of the Aga Khan Development Network in the areas of social, cultural and economic development.
Book 3: Opening Windows on Allah’s Creation exposes children to the pursuit of science in Muslim societies of the past.

6logograde 6

Book 1: Exploring and Discovering traces the movement of people, and the accompanying exchange of goods, skills and ideas, between Muslim lands and neighbouring regions.
Book 2: Cities and Civilisations surveys the cultures of people living in the Muslim world in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Book 3: People and Places is an exploration of the cultural diversity of six regions of the world where there is a significant Muslim presence.


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