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Prophet Muhammad

Knowledge can come from anywhere. On this page, I’ll share things I’ve found fascinating from around the web.

crash course: sociology

PBS Digital Studios. Sociology is the study of group behavior. This ongoing series has put words to (and explanations behind) a lot of the actions and behaviors I’ve seen in the congregation.

the holy black stone of Mecca

Stuff to Blow Your Mind. Embedded in the corner of the Kaaba, there is a black stone with mysterious origins. This Podcast delves into its history, some of the beliefs around it, and some of the controversy in studying this important part of the pilgrimage.

the doubt essential to faith

TED. Lesley Hazelton, author of The First Muslim, goes into the interesting circumstances of the Prophet Muhammad’s first revelation.

Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars all without a flamewar

CrashCourse. Part of the wonderful Crash Course World History series, John Green gives an incredibly easy-to-follow overview of Islam. A much watch for anyone.